Volume 18

April 2019

Issue 3 Page 3

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      One Friday
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   o Windows
      By Gina Eppel Reynen

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Sunbutter Ramen
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Dorcas House
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By Gina Eppel Reynen

I love love love windows!!!!! I always have. I am putting quite a few in my new house. (Side note: I can’t stand cleaning them!). Anyway… the past several years I have noticed a new window that is my all time favorite. It’s the one that God opens… by His choice and in His timing. It’s the window that He chooses to open as He desires; sometimes He opens it in answer to our prayers, our service to Him or our obedience to Him! I have noticed that when I get into His Word first thing in the morning I notice what He places in front of my window to see. When I open His Word it’s like I prime my eyes to be ready for the beauty that He wants me to see. He gives a special sensitivity to our eyes. I am becoming so aware of His desire to give us that. I think the depths of deep grief made me even more aware of the situations and heaviness and burdens of those around me.

Yesterday the open window allowed me to see the “down in the dumps clerk” who needed a smile, He let me come into contact with a person with abig task in front of them and led us (two strangers) into prayer to place it before His feet, my child that got a migraine; He nudged me to go downstairs at just the right moment, the answer to prayer that a friend had been pleading for for a very long time and He gave me the perfect person to process a situation. It’s so not about me… but Him; the creator of what lies beyond the window. Life is such an adventure when He pulls back the shades to include us in His plans and allows us to see. I am anticipating a day of seeing just what He wants me to see. I cannot imagine what it will be like when the thin veil is fully removed and we are allowed to see the whole picture… the reason for all of the trials, suffering and joy in the world. It makes me want to sing the old Heinz song… ANTICIPATION! Until then I will work on being thankful for the shades that He opens for me.