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May 2019

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allows the world to wake slowly, gently before the sun bursts upon us in its heat and brightness. Loveliness all around.

And the sounds! No picture can capture the sound of God awakening His creatures. Birds singing. Dragon flies buzzing. A cow mooing in the distance. The horse next door nickering to his mate. Bunnies leaping and chasing in the grasses.

Then, the feel of a fresh day. The coolness of the early hour. The moistness as I breath in the morning scents. The softness of the breeze before it kicks into the fan that will keep tolerable the heat of the day.

God in all His Glory cannot be captured with a camera.
How often we try to experience God as a picture! A simple one dimensional being. But no! He is three-dimensional!

Father God.
The Creator.
The Master of the universe.

Jesus the Son.
The Sacrifice.
The Price of Love.
The Intercessor on our behalf.

The Holy Spirit.
The Guide.
The Comforter.
The One whose groanings bring our needs to the Father 
when we don't even know how to pray.

How do you experience God? Is He a photo? Flat, one dimensional, a glossy image in your mind?

Or is he a living, breathing, sparkling experience?

May you experience the Three-in-One fully today!

Reprinted with permission from
Published August 23, 2014